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Hale Storm!
2021-02-18 at 9:55 PM - Osh Vaughan

This just in! IIW Have captured the signing of 'Kayby' Hale Cassidy!

I don't know much about this particular wrestler, when I tried to catch up with him earlier he just passed me $5 and asked me to park his car.

No doubt though he is about to set the wrestling word on fire here in the IIW!

A Lost Soul Appears!
2021-02-15 at 12:02 PM - Osh Vaughan

What a signing has just been announced by the IIW don Osh Vaughan! A mysterious one at that... The Lost Soul has reportedly signed a contract with the IIW And will be coming to a screen near you shortly!

IIW Mayhem Results
TV Events
2021-02-08 at 1:47 AM - Osh Vaughan

The IIW Results are live!

IIW Mayhem 8th Feb Results

Monday Night Mayhem - 8th Feb
TV Events
2021-01-29 at 2:05 PM - Osh Vaughan

Out First card has been announced for the 8th February Show!

Link to Monday Mayhem Show

Good luck to all competing!

The BUM Squad are Back!
2021-01-29 at 1:50 PM - Osh Vaughan

Yes that's right hot off the press! The B.U.M squad are back! We all remember how former millionaire playboy Benz fell upon bad times and met local Bums, PC McGhee and Stabby Joe... Well it turns out they had been living in the IIW HQs all this time! They are rather rattled to have lost their house, but Osh cut a deal with them to keep a roof over their head as long as they compete in the IIW!

Shoot for the Sky....Squad!
2021-01-28 at 10:30 AM - Osh Vaughan

Wow, things really are hotting up here in the IIW, Osh Vaughan has only gone and announced the signing of stable - SKY SQUAD!

Featuring the likes of Ace Ian, Dallas Riley and Kitsune! With power in numbers Sky Squad look liek they could make a real impact on the IIW and very quickly!

IIW Lockdown Invitational announced
2021-01-27 at 3:06 PM - Osh Vaughan

IIW Exclusive! Osh Vaughan has given out the good news! IIW Has signed with Netflix for all broadcasting rights and announced the IIW Lockdown Invitational! See more details below

Lockdown Announcement

IIW Returns
2021-01-27 at 10:57 AM - Osh Vaughan

I am pleased to bring you this shocking new exclusive that IIW has returned! Osh Vaughan made the announcement late last night that the IIW would be having it's innaugral LockDown Tournament next month!

A lot of names from the past have already thrown their names into the ring as seen before. Confirmed returning to the IIW so far are

There are some big talks going on from what I hear but hearing the return of some of the biggest names in the IIW has surely...surely peaked interest!